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Coffee Roasting Posts

My roaster

I have a Freshroast SR 500 air roaster that I use extremely often. It holds about 3.5 oz of green coffee beans which then float on a bed of extremely hot air until roasted. This roaster allows me to modify the heat of the air as well as the speed of the fans. Higher fan speed also lowers the effect the temperature has since the air is not in contact with the beans for as long.

Originally, I turned to roasting because it was much more cost effective where I live (especially considering the cost of electricity). However, now I am more engaged with the challenge of making decent coffee in my home. It takes practice and patience to get the right roasting settings but I enjoy this.

Blog posts about Coffee

Aug 11, 2018

My Roasting Process

I use a Freshroast SR 500 air roaster to roast my coffee. I wrote this bit to describe how I roast my coffee in this roaster. Hopefully, this will be…

Aug 11, 2018

Roasting Honduran SHG EP Santa Rosa

I bought 5 pounds of Honduran SHG EP Santa Rosa from Burman coffee traders about a month and a half ago. I’ve now roasted about 3 pounds of this. While…

Jul 15, 2018

Roasting Indonesian RFA Balinese Kintamani

I have roasted about 2 pounds of Indonesian Bali Kintamani over the past month or so. This blog post is just a summary of my impressions of how well I…