Kenneth Steimel

Student of Computational Linguistics and High Performance Computing

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This page just includes some resources I’d like to make available.

General Resources

Online Context Free Parser

This is an online parser I wrote in julia using the Genie MVC framework. Test it out, contact me with any problems you run into. For more information, check out my blog post about the parser.

Resources for Indiana University Students

Indiana University LaTeX template for presentations

This template was largely taken from Vít Novotný’s template for Masaryk University with some modifications to the color schemes and the addition of the IU sigil.

I am by no means a designer though so if you see something in there that you don’t like, feel free to email me or message me on mastodon with revision suggestions.

Indiana University LaTeX template for posters

This template is a modification of the Emory University LaTeX poster theme with modifications to colors and logos. This pdf is an example of what the poster looks like.

Super-computer overview at IU

This presentation provides an overview of the different types of super computer access available to students at IU. All of these computers may not be accessible to you. The audience of this presentation was Linguistics graduate students at Indiana University. Some of these servers are granted automatically to graduate students but are not granted to undergraduates.

Conference Presentations

LREC Impact Workshop