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Installing Rstudio on opensuse Tumbleweed

tldr: Using alien to install rstudio in opensuse tumbleweed works flawlessly.

The main issue with installing Rstudio using the provided installer is that opensuse no longer ships with gstreamer 0.1. Since the version of Rstudio provided for opensuse relies on this outdated version, the install will always fail.

However, there is a solution to this problem which involves downloading an rstudio deb file for a version of debian/ubuntu that uses gstreamer 1.0.

Install rpm-build and alien

sudo zypper install alien-8.88-3.29.x86_64.rpm
sudo zypper install rpm-build

Or, to be more secure, visit the one click install page for the alien package at [](, click “Show Experimental Packages”, and click the 1 Click Install button under the utilities package.

You may get a question regarding what to do about the lack of GPG keys if you do not do the 1 Click Install method. Type i in the terminal when prompted to ignore the missing gpg key.

Download rstudio


Install rstudio

sudo alien -r rstudio-xenial-1.1.463-amd.deb
sudo zypper in rstudio-1.1.463-2.x86_64.rpm