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Gaming on OpenSuse tumbleweed using parsec

Parsec is a piece of software that allows you to use a remote client, like a smart phone, android tv, or laptop, to game on a beefy host machine with a gpu. This is a brief description of how I was able to get the parsec client working on OpenSuse Tumbleweed.

Minor points

Install rpm-build and alien

sudo zypper install alien-8.88-3.29.x86_64.rpm
sudo zypper install rpm-build

Or, to be more secure, visit the one click install page for the alien package at [](, click “Show Experimental Packages”, and click the 1 Click Install button under the utilities package.

You may get a question regarding what to do about the lack of GPG keys if you do not do the 1 Click Install method. Type i in the terminal when prompted to ignore the missing gpg key.

Install parsec

sudo alien -r parsec-linux.deb
# This produces a file named parsec-147-10.x86_64.rpm
sudo zypper install parsec-147-10.x86_64.rpm

Launching parsec

Create an account on

Start parsec on your host computer, or launch a cloud instance.

You should then be able to start parsec from the terminal by running parsecd, or by finding it in the launcher. You will get a prompt for your email and password for the account you created. If everything goes well, you’ll have a desktop window open up.