Kenneth Steimel

Student of Computational Linguistics and High Performance Computing

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Completed Switch to Nginx

I now have all my services set-up using ssl and nginx reverse proxying. These are the services I’m currently running:

All of these were set up without using wildcard certificates. Part of my problem was in thinking that my dynamic dns address ( would not work with subdomains. I spent a good while beating my head against a wall, trying to come up with a way for my prettier domain name ( to have the subdomains. This ended up causing issues because the challenge method for ssl with letsencrypt was not hitting the CNAME record I set up with godaddy.

By switching to simply use the longer urls from my dynamic dns provider, I was able to establish everything as subdomains and do ssl challenges using certbot.

I do, however, want to look into using my cname record in godaddy to do the redirect as the urls it generates are much more concise.