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Julia 0.7 released (mirror download provided)

Julia version 0.7 and 1.0 have been beta tested and released! The official downloads are available here. However, it seems like these are running a bit slow for me. I decided to mirror the download files for 0.7 on my own server.

The download file for linux can be found here.

This is mostly for my own benefit but since it’s open source and freely available, I can’t imagine the team working on it would be too mad if other people downloaded it from my mirror.

I have a small bash script that I use to integrate the pieces of the generic julia builds into a linux system. Essentially, everything is moved into the appropriate subdirectory of /usr/ except for etc which is moved into /etc/.

This script can be downloaded from here.

Simply put this file in the unzipped folder after you download and unzip the tar file above and run sudo bash

Julia should be completely integrated into your system after this.

Do note that there are a few additional requirements that you may need to add. I believe that even with the new rebuild of pkg, you still need to have git installed.

In addition, packages like pycall and rcall require components for those programming languages.